ATSAF Academy – Stipend

ATSAF awards a scholarship of EUR 1500 per month for a period of three years with the possibility for a 12 month extension if the progress of the PhD project indicates that the PhD can be completed within these 12 months.

In addition to the stipend, a research grant of up to EUR 25,000 may be requested, which will be paid to the supervising chair to be used for research related to the PhD project.

Stipend holders must be actively participating in the ATSAF Academy and enrolled in a structured PhD program at the supervising university. In order to receive the ATSAF Academy certificate of completion, scholars must:

  • Take a mandatory module at the supervising university – usually a module on scientific working.
  • Attend at least 14 courses of the “Seminar on development oriented agricultural research”.
  • prepare and present a term paper in this seminar
  • take a topic-specific module in the context of the research work of the doctoral thesis.

Possible additional costs for the third module can be funded up to EUR 3.500,– on application. All modules have the equivalent of 6 ECTS points and must be completed with a grade better than B-.

ATSAF asks all stipend-holders to become member of ATSAF.

Here you can apply for the stipend!