About ATSAF e.V.

On these pages you will find out more about the non-profit association ATSAF e.V., its history, how to become a member, who forms the steering committee and the advisory board, content of the by-laws, and resolutions of the members assembly.

ATSAF itself is a member of the Dachverband Agrarforschung.

The association is divided into three organs: the general members assembly, the steering committee and the advisory board.

The general members assembly usually takes place once a year, typically on the evening of the first day of the annual Tropentag conference.

Invitation to the 34th members assembly

Wednesday, Sept 15th 2021 starting 18:30h at the University of Hohenheim or online on ZOOM.


    1. Welcome, quorum, final agenda
    2. Approval of the minutes of the 33rd general meeting (09.09.2020)
    3. Report of the auditors
    4. Statement of accounts
    5. Discussion
    6. Relief of the Steering Committee
    7. Elections to the Board, Auditors and Advisory Board
    8. ATSAF Junior Scientists Program
    9. ATSAF Academy for International Agricultural Research
    10. Miscellaneous

We are looking forward to numerous appearances and lively discussions.