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ATSAF is a scientific society for internationally oriented agricultural and ecosystem research in Germany.

ATSAF brings together scientists and development experts from the fields of agricultural sciences, ecology, veterinary medicine, nutrition, forestry, fisheries and other basic disciplines with a focus on

development-oriented research
for countries in the tropics, subtropics and transition regions

ATSAF informs, promotes multidisciplinary research, networks members with cooperation partners, increases public awareness, intensifies communication, takes a stand and creates identity for all those interested in these issues, especially students and young scientists.

ATSAF actively supports the yearly Tropentag, supports students interested in science journalism, awards congress travel grants, initiates expert discussions, and forms competence teams.

ATSAF in one and a half minutes – The Council for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research presents itself in its new image film.

Special plea for donations for Collins Muhadia Bisia – an ATSAF Academy scholar

On the 9th of September 2022, Collins Muhadia Bisia, a PhD student from Kenya who received a scholarship from ATSAF Academy, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He has consulted with oncologists and the best course of action is to start intensive chemotherapy as soon as possible. He will start this in Nairobi next week.

Fortunately, International Livestock Research Institution (ILRI) was able to support Collins with insurance that will cover some of the cancer treatments, but will not cover all. He needs support to cover co-pays, treatments related to chemo-therapy side effects, and some specific tests that will inform treatments, transportation to and from the hospital in the coming months.  Therefore, we humbly request your assistance to help cover these costs, estimated to be about 8,000 Euro.

Read the plea for support here.

This is a plea initiated by Collins’s supervisors, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Sonja Leitner, and Gretchen Gettel. All additional information on how Collins will cope, what else can be done and anything else, need to be directed to his supervisors. ATSAF is providing the means to reach out, but his supervisors can update you with further information.

If you would like to donate for Collins you can transfer your donation directly to our bank account:

Account holder: ATSAF e.V.
IBAN: DE78 3806 0186 3003 9690 10
Name bank: Volksbank Köln Bonn eG
Purpose/VZ: Donation for Collins Muhadia Bisia – an ATSAF Academy scholar

Or follow this link to donate with PayPal.