Congress Travel Grants for Doctoral Students

ATSAF awards on application congress travel grants to doctoral students at German universities who deal in their doctoral thesis in the broadest sense with topics like development and tropical resource sciences, environmental sciences, forestry sciences, agricultural sciences or food and nutrition sciences and would like to present the results of their work at international conferences abroad.

ATSAF awards up to three congress travel grants per quarter. Grants not awarded in one quarter will be carried forward to the following quarter.

With this program, ATSAF wants to make the contribution of German research institutions to solving global development problems more internationally visible and offer doctoral students already during their doctoral thesis the opportunity to exchange and network internationally with colleagues.

PhD students are qualified to apply if they are at an advanced stage of their PhD and up to one year after completing their PhD (date of PhD certificate). The application must include proof of the applicant’s acceptance as PhD student to a German university and proof of ATSAF membership.

If the application is successful, ATSAF grants a subsidy for travel, accommodation and congress costs, the amount of which depends on the destination continent. Information on former scholars can be found here.

Genaue For detailed information on how to apply please refer to this pdf file: