Tropentag Student-Reporters

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Scientific journalism is an important way to make research results accessible to a wider audience in a comprehensible way, and thus to generate attention for the burning issues of our time in a professionally clean way. Especially among young scientists, there is a growing interest in doing this, and perhaps also in pursuing it as a career. Unfortunately, there is a lack of opportunities to explore this professional field without completely exposing oneself to it, at least for a while.

TROPENTAG student reporters report live from the various sessions via the Tropentag Blog, on Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

This will increase the reach for the aims of Tropentag and international development-oriented research, especially for the target group of young people, who often lack the knowledge and awareness of the issues mentioned above and therefore have little involvement in the prosess of opinion formation.

Every year, we are looking for 12 committed, interested students from European universities who would like to report on Tropentag as “student reporters”.

The call for applications can be found here.

You speak fluent English and

  • are stuying at a European university
  • are interested in development-oriented research
  • have aleady gained some experience in journalism

then apply at studenreporter {at}