Tropentag conference

Every year since 1997, usually in the third week of September, ATSAF and the respective host universities have been organising in cooperation and with the support of numerous sponsors the

TROPENTAG conference

International Conference on International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development

The venue changes annually between the universities of Bonn, Göttingen / Kassel-Witzenhausen, Hohenheim, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Ghent. The conference welcomes between 500 and 800 participants every year, offers an excellent overview of current tropics-related and development-oriented research and is an important network node for German and tropics-oriented agricultural research. Always topical, the Tropentag conference tries to summarize the position of the delegates and bring it to the public through press releases and conferences.

Particular attention is paid to

  • a broad overview of the various tropics-related research topics – therefore a lot of time and space for poster presentations
  • a sustainable promotion of young scientists – therefore the participation of students and young scientists is explicitly encouraged
  • a worldwide networking of scientists of different disciplines – therefore many side events invite to get to know each other and to intensive discussions

The Tropentag conference has developed into an established, international conference with a large number of contributions and participants. The abstracts and contributions are published on the Tropentag website.